Looking to switch to a healthier and environmentally friendly diet, we were frustrated by the lack of options available. Going to the supermarket was expensive, inefficient and resulted in way too much food waste. But the other option, recipe boxes, were equally as disappointing. Full of single use plastic and uninspiring 'alternatives'.

Frustrated by this, we set about creating a better kind of recipe box - and called it dishy.

At dishy we connect you with the freshest and most environmentally friendly recipe box in the industry. All of our recipes are designed to highlight our favourite produce and in turn make it easier for you to cook amazing vegetarian and plant-based meals all year round.

Our Essentials Kit, the first of its kind in the UK, brings together our favourite herbs, spices, oils and vinegars. This means we use less single-use plastic in our boxes. It also gives you the flexibility to pick and choose your favourite recipes without subscription.